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SAMYAK means the actual truth. It means seeing, thinking of and knowing an object or a theory, as in itself it really is.
It is a secular, democratic organisation that believes in the values of social justice, equity, equality, diversity, inclusiveness and non-violence.

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Communication and Resource Centre

SAMYAK's communication and resource centre focuses on development of communication materials on gender, masculinities, health and development using principles of development communication...
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Capacity Development

Our capacity development initiatives are focused on linking critical epistemology with the praxis for transformative changes in rural and urban communities....

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Collaborative Interventions

SAMYAK consciously decided to work in collaborations with various organizations in Maharashtra to reach out to wider society in different regions. It provides technical support and involved....
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Community-based Interventions

SAMYAK have initiated community-based interventions in 5 urban slums in Pune city and 15 villages in Solapur district in Maharashtra....

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Women's Health Rights Forum for Urban Poor in Maharashtra

Situation of urban health, especially that of child health and urban poor women's health is very grave. Engagement of government and non-government organisations is very limited on the issues of urban health. Urban health issues, often knowingly or unknowingly, remained in a state of neglect or secondary even in health campaigns and movements...
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SAMYAK News and Events

SAMYAK had filed an application under Right to Information Act, 2005 to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to find what mechanisms PMC has to prevent and respond to the complaints of sexual harassment of women at....

SAMYAK Discussion Forum

This space is for engaging young women and men to generate constructive discussion on issues on gender, masculinities, health, development, human rights, peace building and other issues related to social justice. We invite young people to express their views and ideas on these issues by participating in this on-line discussion forum. It is also a strategy to get connected with young population in India and appeal them to join social movements in their own ways and capacities.